Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Loosing My Religion and Current Reading

I just got William Lobdell's Loosing My Religion book. Taking a quick glance through, it looks pretty good, and I'll put more words on this book together as I read it. It should be interesting. I emailed William when he first announced his loss of faith, and it will be great to read the full details of the story.

I'm a few chapters into Raising Freethinkers: A Guide to Parenting Beyond Belief. It's reading well so far, if a bit US-centric. There's some great ideas in there for helping children think for themselves, and I liked the suggestion of watching "Twelve Angry Men" as a movie to encourage free thought, as that's a favourite movie of mine!

Finally, I'm mostly through Is God A Mathematician? by Mario Livio. The mathematical history is always good to read, although I've read so much history of math recently, so it would certainly have been nice to read more about mathematicians I don't know about! Personally, I'm on the side of mathematics being found, not made, so it will be interesting to see how the argument in the book develops.

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